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"Alan and I can't thank you enough... The care and outstanding workmanship you showed while tackling many difficult situations only emphasized more that we made the right decision having you perform the work."
-- Allan & Sally K

Our Services


All the furniture pieces, wall units, built-ins and moldings that NHA builds and installs require some type or form of design work. During preliminary and subsequent design meetings with our clients, details and requirements are discussed, reviewed and fine tuned until all the components are approved. This ongoing refinement allows our customers to participate in every detail of their custom project. NHA will provide the research. Should the project require sketches, we will supply design drawings. Drawings provide clients with a graphic representation of their ideas, and allow us to communicate our understanding of their wishes. This process allows NHA to give our clients with a truly customized product whether it is a free standing furniture piece, an entertainment unit, personalized wall unit or an embellishment to an existing unit or room’s decor.


After a design and schedule is approved, NHA will purchase the necessary lumber. All kiln dried lumber and materials are hand selected for high quality and durability. During the rough cut phase lumber materials are selected and organized for grain, texture, color and use of the component. All of these steps take time and shop space, but provide the customer with a far superior product in the end. Based on design and function of the furniture piece, the style of construction joints to be used is selected for strength and longevity. We will utilize the best of the “Old World” and the “New Technology” to provide our clients with the strongest possible furniture.


We use a variety of finishing products from water or oil based stains to shellac, polyurethane, and lacquer. During the preliminary design phase the intended use of the furniture and its location within the home will determine the best protective finish material to be used. All of our finishes are hand applied. If a customer prefers the look of a sprayed finish we will contract with a local finish company that utilizes the appropriate environmentally safe spraying booths and equipment. Color samples are provided to the customer upon request.